The 100 Best Pizza Marketing Ideas

The 100 Best Pizza Marketing Ideas

Here’s a bold claim – after reading this article, you’ll never need to come up with a new pizza marketing idea again. Ever. That’s because we’ve added all the extra toppings, and given you the 100 best pizza marketing ideas to increase your revenue, profits and customer numbers. Dig in!

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1. Go All in on Your Pizza-ness

Pizza Hut once released their own fragrance Eau de Pizza Hut boasting overtones of “freshly baked, hand tossed dough.” Who said pizza wasn’t romantic?

You might think that’s weird, and yeah, I think it’s weird too.

PIzza marketing

But I also think it’s genius.

This is a great example of going all in on your brand, and turning the pizza oven dial up to 11.

Figure out what makes your pizza brand tick, and really exploit that as far as you can go for your pizza marketing. With today’s market being so competitive, it’s doing something different that can really push your brand to the next level.  

2. Slice and Dice with Other Restaurants

Stop, collaborate and listen.

Why not link up with another local restaurant (let’s say Greek cuisine), and create a special pizza using their ingredients and cooking methods?

That other restaurant will have their own following, so you’ll also capture their audience too.

I for one would love to know what a succulent Greek lamb pizza would taste like, and I bet your customers will too!

3. Mess with Your Customers

Yeah, I know, this is a long way from “the customer is always right”, but stay with me here.

Pizza chain Hell Pizza once had a “Pizza Roulette challenge”. If customers took up the challenge, one slice of their pizza would be blessed with a chilli sauce that was meant to be as hot as police pepper spray.

And the customers loved it.


Because the the customers felt engaged with. They weren’t just ordering a pizza, they were ordering an experience.

Now you don’t have to pepper spray your customers, but think of something unique, memorable, and above all engaging, and you’ll see your name all over social media.

4. Beep Beep, Hot Pizza Coming Through!

Domino’s in Europe had started delivering pizzas on electric scooters, but authorities were worried about the silent scooters being a hazard to pedestrians.

So Domino’s came up with their own solution, making their scooters emit random recordings of “Pizza!” and Domino’s!”

For the price of a Bluetooth speaker, you too can record your own brand’s message to be triumphantly announced to people as your hot pies are delivered.

Although you might want to give your delivery staff a raise for any potential embarrassment!

5. Push Their Buttons

You’ve probably seen those Amazon Dash buttons around, the ones that automatically order a product when you push them.

Well why not the same thing for Pizza?

After all, Pizza is the ultimate impulse meal.

Dubai’s Red Tomato Pizza did just this with a button that stuck to fridges. When pushed, the button would connect to the customer’s phone app, and order the pre-selected pizza for them.

Not only did it increase sales, but they got a ton of media attention for it too.

Pizza promotion

I know this may seem a bit sci-fi, but it’s not as complicated as you might think

6. Make Your Customers the Mayor of Pizza Town

You can do what Domino’s did, and use the app Foursquare to promote foot traffic to their restaurants.

Those who check-in to your store the most each week, win a free pizza.

Not only will you get more foot traffic, but your name will be all over Foursquare for your customers’ friends to see. If your pizza was that interesting to their friends, they’ll probably want to check it out too.

7. Have a High-Tech Pizza Treasure Hunt

I like this one because it’s great for kids, and it’ll bring the kid out of most adults too.

Nearly every phone these days can scan a QR code. You’ve probably seen them around, they look like this:

pizza qr code for marketing

Every week, hide a few of these around the restaurant. At the counter, on menus, or even under tables. Customers can win random prizes, such as drinks or vouchers to use another day.

This is a great way to engage your customers, and parents will be very grateful you kept their kids busy!

With 58% of customers sharing positive experiences of a company on social media, you’ll enjoy some great exposure as well.

8. All Pizza Is Beautiful

This is a clever one, and a great way to engage customers online.

Domino’s created a campaign online where they encouraged customers to post pictures of their own freshly delivered pizzas to social media.

No filters or Photoshop, just good food.

It’s a great way to cut through all of the ‘perfect marketing’ many food brands do, and your customers will love it when you shout out to them on social media, too.

9. Do You Speak the Lingo?

Pizza Patron, a chain out of Texas, offered customers a free pizza if they placed their orders in Spanish.

The clever part about this is that their market is 75% Latino.

Pizza promotion ideas

So they identified their key market, and spoke to them directly, in a very personal way.

And brands that connect on an emotional level get 200% more word of mouth marketing from their customers.

You can do the same too, perhaps if your customers use the slogan of your local sports team in their order. Just make it something that makes them feel like they’re part of a special club.

10. Steal a Competitor’s Customer for a Slice of Pizza

This one is sneaky, but I like it.

Offer anyone with a competitor’s loyalty card and offer to trade it in for a free slice at your restaurant.

Happily, you’ll take a loyal customer away from your competitor.

Oh, and you just got your own loyal customer for the humble price of a slice.

11. Host a Local Business Pizza Retreat

This is a great way to engage businesses in your area.

Why not talk to local businesses and offer to host their staff for a “Pizza Retreat” at your restaurant? You host their staff for the afternoon, and they can either work normally, or use it as a brainstorming session, while you offer as much delicious pizza as they can handle.

I think this one would become a regular occurrence once the staff demand it; who doesn’t like getting paid to eat pizza?

12. Let Your Customers See Behind the Scenes

You might see your kitchen as, well, just a kitchen. But we bet there’d be heaps of kids and adults alike that would love to see how it’s all done.

Why not invite your customers to see how their pizza is made?

Take it one step further and have a window into your kitchen so everyone can see their pizzas cooking before their eyes.

Pizza marketing

13. Choose for Them

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I’m hungry and I can’t choose what I want.

Believe me, your customers know this pain, so why not help them by recommending a popular combo on your menu?

Make a section in your menu with the title “Can’t Decide?”, and suggest one of your high profit, popular pizzas or combos.

Just like that, you’ve helped the pick a high profit meal while speeding up your table turnover.

14. Get Rid of Traditional Marketing

Be brave, just get rid of it.

In our digital age there are way more cost-effective ways of getting your name out there than old school print, radio and TV.

Digital pizza marketing is cheaper, more measurable, and way better bang for your buck.

Keep your marketing overheads low, and watch your return on investment go up.

15. Get Your Motor Running, Head out on the Highway

The beauty of a pizza kitchen is that it can be scaled right down to the basics, and that fits really well into the booming $1.2 billion food truck market.

Most cities even have a bustling community of food trucks that will often gather in the same place, so the public can even come to you.

Create your own mobile restaurant to get your pizzas around town to people that wouldn’t normally come into your restaurant.

Ways to promote pizza

16. Share a Slice of the Secret

Let’s say you have a secret sauce that is adored by your foodies. Why not share most of the recipe with them?

They’ll be equal parts grateful and frustrated! Grateful you shared the secret with them, but frustrated they don’t have all the parts of the pizza puzzle.

I promise you, they’ll be back in again and again to see if they can figure out the rest of the recipe.

Oh, returning customers spend 300% more too, so it’s well worth your time.

17. Offer a Small Part of Your Experience

There’s a reason the big brands sample their foods at the grocery store. If they can tempt your taste buds, they can open your wallet.

Have a staff member stand outside your restaurant and offer bite-sized samples to passersby.

Get their taste buds tingling and bring in some brand new customers from the street.

18. Surprise a Local Business

You’re literally surrounded by businesses that are made up of thousands of potential customers.

So maybe once a week, just turn up to a local business with a few piping hot pizzas.

No obligation, totally on the house. Tell them it’s just you trying to be a good neighbor, and that it’s your pleasure. 

I promise, the workers will be so pleasantly surprised that you’ll absolutely get some new customers out of it.

19. Sell Benefits, Not Features

This is a marketing tactic as old as your Grandpa’s pizza oven, but it works. It’s all about not just boasting about your pizza, but what’s in it for your customer. 

Instead of just saying how big your pizza is, explain in glowing terms how that pizza will make them feel, after they lick the melting mozzarella from their lips and sigh in contentment.

By doing this you’ll be helping your customer associate very strong emotions with your pizza, and forgetting about their budget along the way. The stomach nearly always trumps the wallet. 

20. Draw a Box Around Your Most Profitable Menu Item

Oh boy is this one is easy as pie, but it works.

Pick your pizza or side that gives you the best profit. In your menu, simply put a box around it – “There’s no single better way to draw attention to a high-profit menu item”.

Restaurant menu with boxes to draw attention to certain food items

And now you’re far more likely to sell your highest profit dish.

21. NAP Everywhere You Can

No, sorry, I don’t mean sleeping on the job – NAP stands for name, address, phone number.

The idea being that the more that the search engines can find your NAPs around the net, the higher they’ll list you on searches.

It matters for normal people searching for you too, as your name address and phone number will be the main three things they want to know about you wherever they find you online.

Visit this free tool from Yext to look up all of your listings and make sure your NAPs are correct.

22. Hire a Guest Chef from Another Restaurant

You probably know a few chefs around town right? Maybe even from a high-end restaurant.

Why not bring one in as part of your pizza marketing?

Use their expertise to create a gourmet pizza, and create interest through cross promotion.

Get it all across your social media and enjoy the extra customers! It’s even more beneficial if that chef has their own social media presence so you can get their followers too.

23. Place Your Window Seats First

I reckon simple is good, and this is a great example of that – all you have to do is place your first customers by the window.

Make it sweet for the customer, and tell them they are lucky they are earlier, because they get the best seats in the house. 

It’ll make your restaurant look busy, and every passerby can get pizza envy when they see your customers chowing down.

There’s probably no better pizza marketing to get people off the street and into your restaurant.

24. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

A whopping 72% of people searching for food do it from their mobile phone.

So it makes sense that you make it easy for people to read your website from their phones. This means no squinting their eyes or finger contortion to see the info they need.

Market a pizza shop

Any difficulty they have reading your site is another excuse for them to leave for another option, so it’s really important you get this sorted.

Head to Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test to see if you’re looking good. If you’re not, the changes needed should be able to be done by your web developer pretty easily.

25. Get an Edge by Being Interactive

In such a competitive market, it’s always good to have something other than just food to attract customers. After all, people will always be looking for an experience to go along with their meal. 

It could be as simple as having board games at tables or even an arcade game for while they’re waiting for their take out.

Returning customers spend 300% more; so it’s a great way to keep them coming back.

26. Create a Pizza Lesson Video

You know, I’ve always wanted to be able to flip pizza dough like a pro, and I’m willing to bet your customers do too.

Why not create a cooking lesson on how to make the perfect pizza and post it on your social media?

It could work for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or even on your own website.

pizza marketing

It’s a really engaging way to get more followers on social media – they’ll be licking their lips every time you post!

27. Don’t Offer Water Straight Away

Okay, we don’t mean to have your customers die of thirst, they can have water if they want it.

But what we mean is to not just automatically serve it.

When your customers see the delicious drinks on your menu, they’ll be way more likely to pay for the tastier option.

And hey, what an easy way to turn a labor cost into a profit.

28. Help Them to NOT Pick the Cheapest Dish

Oh, we’re getting tricky now!

If your customer is on a budget for their dining, they probably still won’t order the cheapest option, as they’ll think it’s not that good.

But if you slightly raise the price of your second least expensive item, you’ll increase your profits for their order.

29. Pop-Up Somewhere Busy

I’m guessing your community has quite a busy calendar of events throughout the year. Festivals, concerts and county fairs are all great places to have a pop-up restaurant.

It’s great pizza marketing because you’ll get a brand new audience to try your food, and it’s only a short term investment.

It’s also a pretty safe bet that once those people try your food, they’ll end up in your restaurant in the future.

Sales outside your restaurant and then follow up sales inside your restaurant – that makes a lot of sense.

Pizza promotions

30. SMS Everyone

Pizza isn’t just for snapchatting millennials, so this one is for your less tech-savvy customers who will still be familiar with text messaging.

Offer customers exclusive deals if they sign up to your SMS list. There’s something a little more personal about receiving a text message too, so it’ll help people be more receptive to your offer.

31. Have a Delivery Partner Do the work

Delivery has been part of pizza marketing perhaps longer than any other meal, but now other types of restaurants have caught up with delivery partners.

Uber Eats alone covers 70% of the United States and delivers for over 100,000 restaurants that are now competing with you.

By joining up with a delivery partner, you don’t have to worry about your own delivery staff, and you’ll get a bump in promotion through their apps.  

32.Delegate Your Marketing

Even if you’re a marketing whiz on top of being a pizza genius, you shouldn’t be putting too much of your time into marketing.

Your time is important and should be used to simply running a great pizza restaurant.

I’m guessing you’ve got a few clued up staff members, maybe even a marketing student. Set them guidelines and let them fly.

And give them a little pay bump too, because the time you save will still be worth more than what extra you pay them.

33. Shout out to Your Customers on Social Media

Look, for better or worse, these days people LOVE getting attention on social media. So why not give your customers what they want?

When your customer leaves a review, posts a picture, or tags themselves at your restaurant, let them know you appreciate it!

Instagram post showing pizza shop responding to customer comments

Don’t forget to compliment them on their excellent choice in pizza.

And, it’s great for customer retention – keeping just 5% of your customer base will increase your profitability by 75%.

34. Get Your Ads on Facebook

Whatever your opinion of Facebook is, you can’t deny its ability to reach the people you need to reach. And that’s the reason it’s a billion-dollar social media giant, because you can advertise exactly to who you need to. 

If you need to reach university students who like tattoos, video games, and pizza, Facebook can find them for you.

And best of all you can start on a marketing budget of $5 a day, so there isn’t really any excuse not to try.

If it sounds a bit overwhelming, have a look at this guide to get you on your way.

35. Ask and You Shall Receive

In our world of smartphones and constant connectedness, there is a lot to be said for good old fashioned face to face conversation when it comes to pizza marketing.

Every night, take some time to talk to just one customer and find out what they really think about your restaurant. 

Listen well, and you’ll find out about who your competition is, where their friends prefer to go (and why), as well as opportunities in the community.

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer good old fashioned, excellent customer service.

36. Sort That Little Problem

Like any business, there are probably a dozen little problems that if solved, would add up to a better customer experience.

So fix just one, it’s that simple.

Resolve to have a fix-it Friday, where you spend 15 minutes fixing just one issue. Before you know it, you’ll actually be proactive in looking for problems, instead of reacting to them. 

I promise it’ll pay off too, as 70% of unhappy customers who have their problems resolved are willing to shop with a business again.

37. Bribe Your Customers

Admit it, we all want to know what’s in it for us.

The stats prove it too, as 79% of people like a company Facebook page for free stuff. So give your customers what they want! 

Tell your customers to like your page and every week you’ll pick a winner for a meal for two. Keep them engaged, and in the hunt for free stuff, and they’ll pay more attention to your social media posts. 

ways to market pizza

38. Go the Extra Mile on Special Days

It doesn’t matter where you live, there’ll always be particular days on the calendar, like high school graduations or the local team making the final.

These days are a real opportunity for you to show your community spirit with decorations, and themed specials on the menu.

I can say from experience that not only will the community pay you in full tables, but you’ll have a whole heap of fun doing it.

And I can also say that the community really, really enjoys this too – it will warm their hearts to feel like they live in such a tight community.

39. Bring Back the Old Days

Think back to when you were a kid, was there a pizza or a combo that was all the rage that lost its popularity throughout the years?

Why not bring something retro back to spark some powerful nostalgia with your customers?

You get extra pizza points if you turn it into a social media poll to get your customers to vote what to bring back.

pizza marketing

40. Give the People WiFi

Look, if you want your customers to rave about you on social media, make it easy!

Unlimited WiFi is super affordable now so give it to your customers for free. Have the login details in the menu, on the walls, and at the bar. 

Present it as your gift to them in thanks for dining with you.

And why not make the password “dont-forget-to-tag-us” for good measure? Nothing like a not-so-subtle hint so you can get something out of the arrangement! 

41. Make Your Windows Billboards

It used to be that a pizza joint looked just like the one down the road. But these days anything goes, and you should embrace that.

Make sure that the first impression from the street is that you’re busy, vibrant and the place to be. Make sure you have your best chance of getting people in from the street.

Above all, put your flavor into your appearance and stand out from the crowd. Restaurant marketing is no place to be a shrinking violet, so make some visual noise. 

Pizza promotion

42. Pay for It

Social media is a $99 billion marketing giant, so there are plenty of companies out there that specialize in making your social media dreams come true.

Not only will you get the best possible advice, you’ll save so much of your time you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

Paid-for pizza marketing nirvana is only a Google away.

43. Chop Chop!

Okay, open your phone up.

Now go to that stopwatch app you never use.

Spend some time watching and timing how long it takes from placing the order to serving. Pizza, after all, is the original fast food, so make sure your customers aren’t waiting.

Even if somebody doesn’t complain about this, it may very well stop them from coming back, so it pays to be on top of it.

And as an added bonus you’ll get a feel for how your team and systems operate on any given night.

44. Make SEO Central to your Content

In 2019, marketing is all about zeros and ones – data. The goal is to make sure all your online content, or data, is set up for Search Engine Optimization.

Basically, that means if someone is looking for Pizza in Parke County, Indiana, you want to be sure that is mentioned on every page of content you have on the internet.

It’s not just about written words either, Google is even looking for what your pictures are titled. For example, hover your mouse over the picture’s I’ve used in this article, and you’ll see that I’ve used the picture descriptions quite strategically for what people are searching for,

There are heaps of SEO guides on Google, so have a look for one that makes sense to you and get going. 

45. Just Make It Modern, Please

Honestly, do you want to know the biggest problem most independent pizza restaurants have in their marketing?

It’s that their websites look like they were around when the Y2K bug was a thing. That’s not cool.

People are simply used to slick online experiences and if your website looks tired, they’ll think the same about your restaurant.

Take a look at your website, and if it’s not clean, modern, and a reflection of you as a brand, you need to update it. ASAP.

A modern pizzeria website

46. Get Behind a Cause

I think all of us have a cause near and dear to us, so why not show your customers you support it?

It really is a terrific way of demonstrating to your customers that you care about the community. And they will notice it too – a business that takes part in their community really stands out in the crowd. 

Not to mention, 90% of millennials will switch from one business to another if it supports a charitable cause.

47. Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a digital marketing junkie, but there is still room for local newspaper pizza marketing in 2019.

Long term branding campaigns in newspapers can be expensive though, so stick to offering great deals that will get people through your doors. No 5% off stuff, make it compelling and really worth their time. 

pizza marketing ad

48. Timing Is Everything

Specifically, timing is everything when it comes to tweets.

Try and time your tweets when people are hungry just before lunch and dinner, to make sure you strike while the pizza oven is hot.

Pizza really is one of those impulse foods, so you’ll definitely notice the uptick in sales.

49. Use Satellites to Target Customers

Believe me, there’s no need to call NASA for this one.

Digital advertising has the ability to know where a person is when they search for something from their mobile device.

So if they’re near you, you can target a pizza ad just for them. Magic!

Google “geolocation advertising” for more info.

50. Boast About Your Ingredients

In an age of mass-produced food, there’s a clear kick-back towards quality ingredients in 2019. It’s been happening for a while now, but you know it’s serious when the likes of McDonald’s hops on the bandwagon.

If you use ingredients that are exotic, organic, or just a bit special, let your customers know about it. In fact, shout it from the rooftops, literally if you have to. 

pizza marketing ad

It shows attention to detail and a love for your pizza-craft that will be reflected in full tables and full stomachs.

51. Give Them a Spectacle

Viral pizza marketing dreams are made from dishes that stand out from the crowd.

Why not a pizza burrito or even a pizza birthday cake?

In a world of cardboard cutout copies of copies, this is a terrific way of standing out from every other pizza place in town.

Sit down and think about what you could come up with that will get tongues wagging and then bathe in the warm glow of social media adoration!

52. Show the Love to Your Team

I think you and I can agree that your staff are at the front line of promoting your restaurant.

And while it can be hard to put a good crew together, that’s all the more reason to celebrate a job well done.

It doesn’t have to be corny “Employee of the Month” stuff, but just a meal voucher quietly given in recognition of good work.

The staff will take notice too, I’ve seen first-hand staff paying you back in hard work.

53. Get the Music Going Outside

Did you know 90% of people would select a business that was playing music over one that wasn’t?

So get out that Bluetooth speaker and attract people from around the corner. It’s a huge plus that they can hear you before they see you. 

Just make sure it’s brand appropriate! No death-metal, unless your customers are in to that of course, so in that case, blast away.

54. Have a Food Festival

I’m going to guess there are few other local restaurants and stores very close to you.

Why not join forces with your local businesses and attract people to your street for a food festival?

Each restaurant can have special menu item celebrating the community, and you can hand out samples in the other stores.

There’s nothing like some community spirit to get the cash registers singing!

55. What Makes You So Special?

Hey I’m not being sarcastic here, really – what makes you special?

What do you do that other restaurants don’t or just can’t?

If you have your street’s biggest pizza, tell people. Even if you have the oldest tables in town, that’s a point of difference.

how to promote pizza

Use that point of difference in all of your marketing to stand out from the pizza crowd. 

And use it in every bit of marketing you can too, that way everyone will associate that point of difference with you, and you alone.

56. Keep Your Pizza Top of Mind

Staying ‘top of mind’ simply means when your customers think of pizza, they think of you.

This can be done really easily by using social media every few days to gently remind them that you’re ready and available whenever they want some cheesy goodness.

No hard sells though – in fact, it doesn’t even have to be about you. Just something that they might be interested in reading about. It could be community news, welcoming a new staff member or just a funny pizza meme you found online. 

57. Retarget on Facebook

So surprise, surprise, Facebook can tell if someone has visited your site.

And from there, Facebook can recognize that person on Facebook and show them your ad, just for them.

Have a quick Google for a guide on how to retarget your ads, it’s a super efficient way to keep would be customers in your little pizza marketing web.

58. Play with Your Prices

This one is about making customers forget about their wallets and think with their bellies.

Funnily enough, getting rid of dollar signs on your menu will increase your restaurant sales. Also, spell out your prices with words instead of numbers for the same reason.

Oh, and don’t put all the prices in a column to the right either, people tend to just scan the prices down the page with their finger, looking for the cheapest option.

59. More Reviews = Good

This might sound odd, but Google ranks you higher in searches if you have more total reviews, including bad ones.

In the eyes of Google, the more total reviews you have, the more likely you’ve have had heaps of customers, meaning that you are pretty popular overall.

That tells Google that you’re more relevant to searches for pizza, so they’ll rank you higher in results.

Screenshot of Google Local Pack showing pizzerias with a lot of reviews

So it’s all the more reason to encourage your customers to hop online and give you a review, good or bad!

And if it’s bad, well that’s just an opportunity for you to make it better.

60. Have a Theme Party

Hey look, we’re not serving caviar and Moet here, we’re selling pizza, so let’s have some fun.

Having a special themed night will bring in people from all walks of life, and many of them may be brand new customers.

It’ll be a night that both your staff and customers will remember for a long time, which is great for word of mouth marketing.

Whether it’s Bond or Bollywood, post all of your pictures online for people to tag and share.

61. A Twist on an Old Classic

How about we update that old business card in the bowl promo?

Now that it’s 2019, why not email these contacts and ask them to join your email list for special deals? It’s important you ask them before you add them to your list, as it’s illegal not to. 

What an easy way to grow your customer database!

62. Make Your POS System Powerful

Speaking of customer databases, does your Point of Sale system collect customer emails and phone numbers?

Create loyalty programs straight from the register?


Then boy oh boy are you missing out. ‘

Modern POS systems are a pizza marketing dream, and will also make the payment process a whole lot easier for your staff and customers alike. 

63. Have a Menu a 5th Grader Could Read

Your soon-to-be pizza munching diners will scan through your menu in less than 2 minutes.

So make it as SIMPLE as possible for them to read and understand.

De-clutter your menu down to your 7 most profitable options per category – you’ll make it easier for the customer to decide, all while increasing your profits.

64. Glorious Gluttony



Or seventeen slices!

Whatever the theme, challenge your customers to a pizza eating competition to become local heroes.

Just remember to tell them to tag their stuffed faces on social media.

65. Even Your Menu’s Material Can Have a Story

Why not make your menu out of a pizza box? Let the details add to the story.

66. Have Your Menu Front and Center on Your Website

Just like your menu is the first thing people see on your window, it should be the same on your website.

Make sure your menu is the first clickable thing they can see on your website so they can get straight to the action. 

Website for pizza promotion

Don’t give them a single excuse to close your website to find another restaurant.

67. Treat Your Newest Pizza Enthusiasts

Let’s say you notice a new regular face in your restaurant. Well what a great time to let them know you appreciate their business!

Surprise them with a quick intro, and thank them for their loyalty with a free drink or dessert.

You will absolutely make their day.

And to make it worth your while, happy customers will refer about 11 new customers for you!

68. Millennials Are Your Biggest Market

Questionable haircuts aside, millennials will have $1.4 trillion in buying power by 2020, so be nice to them!

Be genuine, no hard sells, and make sure they can find you everywhere on social media.

If you’re worried about how to speak millennial, don’t worry, funnily enough you can just talk to them like regular people, they’ll appreciate the authenticity. 

69. Make it Right, They’re Watching

If it’s wrong, make it right, period.

78% of customers who complain to a brand online want a response within an hour.

Customers are watching online to see how you treat complaints, so act accordingly. It really is critical to your reputation online and offline. 

70. Bad Reviews Aren’t so Bad

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t mean you can ignore bad reviews. Sorry. 

What I do mean is that bad reviews should be treated as a learning experience.

It doesn’t have to be someone just being a negative Nancy – what it should be is an opportunity to genuinely make your restaurant a better experience for customers.

Pizza marketing

71. Share a Slice with Your Chamber of Commerce

It makes a lot of sense to network with local business owners, become well known in your community and become the favored pizza joint in your area.

There is also a wealth of knowledge in this group, you will learn a lot about business and the comings and goings of the community.

You can also get your Chamber of Commerce to link to you on their website which is a big plus for Google searches.

72. Please Update Your Photography!

This is such a pet peeve of mine!

Every customer you have has a phone in their pocket that takes incredible photos.

So if your food photography looks like it was done on a 19th-century printing press, your customers will not be impressed.

Get a pro in for a few hours or try it yourself with this lesson. Make sure people can see your pizza as the visual feast that it is. 

73. Your Waste Can Make Money

Over $441,000,000 of food is wasted in the United States every day.

That’s bad for the environment and for people in need.

However, if you talk to a company like BuffetGo or Food For All, they’ll help you sell your leftover meals to other customers who don’t want to pay full price.

Helping the environment and fattening your wallet at the same time, what’s not to love?

74. Make Dough When You’re Not Flipping Dough

This one has nothing to do with pizza really.

And that’s a good thing.

If you’re not usually open during certain times, why not become a shared office space and make money when you’re not serving food?

There will be 5.1 million people using shared workspaces in the U.S. by 2022, so it’s potentially a very lucrative move. I think it’s the most creative way to make extra income, and it’s all from using space that wouldn’t normally be making money. 

All you need is to turn the lights and WiFi on and collect the checks. And no dirty dishes! 

75. Follow Shake Shack’s Lead

“But they don’t even make pizza!”

I know!

But they do have a wonderful little marketing tactic where they offer special treats for their customers’ furry friends. Specifically dog biscuits and dog ice-creams.

And the customers LOVE it.

People are crazy about their pets, and if you show them love too, they’ll be crazy about you too.

The customers, not just the dogs.

Dog-friendly pizza promotions

This is about that creating that emotional connection that they can associate with your food, and your brand. 

76. Be as Local as You Can Be

Another one about emotional engagement here.

Find some local memorabilia, like old sports photos or stories from your community’s past and put it up around your restaurant.

Whether your customers are locals or tourists, you’ll find them flocking to this kind of thing as it engages them with the past.

It all helps to tell a story that people can connect with, which is a unique experience for your customers. Don’t be boring! 

77. Get Your Customer to promote for you

If you have pizza that’s to die for, well, Instagram is basically made for you.

And since people just can’t stop themselves from posting pics of their food, why not let them promote you at the same time?

Every time somebody posts images of your pizzas on social media, it’s like word of mouth marketing with all the toppings.

And it’s free!

Find out how to use Instagram effectively for restaurant marketing here.

78. Loyalty is Gold

Customers in loyalty programs return 200% more often.

And you don’t need to use old fashioned punch cards either, you could try a new modern mobile solution like

Give them a reason to keep coming back and watch your kitchen hum along night after night.

79. Take Control of Your Yelp Destiny

Hey even if you don’t make your own Yelp page, someone else will end up making one anyway, so it’s best to control your pizza marketing destiny yourself.

The prescription for Yelp success is simple:

Monitor your Yelp page every day.

Every. Day.

A half-star difference on a Yelp review rating can affect restaurant business by a huge 27%, so keep on top of keeping people happy.

10 minutes every morning, replying to every review (not just the good ones) is the recipe for online reputation success.

Be helpful, be genuine, and be open to criticism  – it’s good for professional growth!

Yelp screenshot showing a business response to a bad review
Yelp screenshot showing a business response to a bad review

80. Use a Micro-influencer

Hold on, hold on, let me explain.

A micro-influencer is somebody on social media who is passionate about one particular topic and has just a few thousand very dedicated followers.

So less Kim Kardashian with 140 million followers, and more a local foodie that has 2,000 followers in your area.

So what you want to look for is somebody local that loves dining out, or perhaps a devoted pizza enthusiast.

Go through your followers and relevant hashtags and see if you can find someone that fits that description.

Then simply invite them in for a free meal in exchange for a mention on social media.

Just like that you’ve reached out to thousands of local food fans for the price of a pizza.

81. Dominate with Email Marketing

Oh email marketing isn’t that glamorous huh?

Well what if I told you email marketing has a return on investment of 3,700%?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

Talk to your customer like they’re part of your family, keep it light, worth their time (deals!), and don’t email them more than a few times a week.

This one only costs your time too, so no need to spend big bucks if you don’t want to. Make sure that every email is something the recipient wants to read, whether it be a good discount or a compelling competition. 

82. Be on Top of Your Google Listing

You can sympathize with this scenario – you’re looking for a restaurant on your phone, but their details are a little off and you can’t seem to find out whether they are open yet.

How long until you lose your patience and just move on?

These days people want this information immediately, no question.

To make sure this scenario turns out the right way for you, head over to Google My Business and set up your restaurant for free.

83. Embrace Local Ingredients

I get it, sourcing local ingredients can be tricky and they’re often more expensive.

But… they have a massive impact on not only the quality of your pizzas but the loyalty from your local community.

In fact, 87% of Americans look for locally grown food when shopping.

Show your customers you support local business, and in return, they’ll support you.

84. Get Involved in Your Community

So you are literally surrounded by hundreds of local schools, sports teams and clubs, made up of thousands of potential customers.

Find a part of your community, such as the little league team that you can get behind and be seen to support. You can help out with free meals, vouchers for prizes, or even pay for uniforms or school supplies. 

Community involvement for pizza marketing

Believe me, people will notice and it will be reflected in a busier restaurant.

85. It’s Okay to Boast

Look, with all these good things you’re doing in your community, you’re likely to get a bit of free publicity from your local media.

Don’t shy away, now is your time to shine! This sort of stuff doesn’t come around every day, so really make sure you take advantage of the publicity. After all, a respected media outlet in your community is singing your praises. 

Post any good news all over your social media, your website and in your restaurant.

Make some noise about it and watch new customers come through your doors with curiosity.

86. Talk to Your Local Media

So if the local media aren’t banging down your door, there is absolutely nothing wrong with approaching them first!

Local newspapers and magazines are always looking for a story about the community, so give them a call and see what sort of thing they’re looking for.

You might just be front page news!

87. Top Google Searches

When someone searches for something on Google, the first five results receive 67.6% of clicks, while the remaining five just receive 3.73%.

Yeah, you better be in that top five.

You can do this organically with SEO, or you can pay the search engines to place ads. 

88. Just Look Outside

Look out the window and check the weather.

If it’s cold, well tell your social media followers to come in and warm up with a slice.

If it’s hot, tell them you have an ice cold drink waiting for them.

If the weather is in between, well, tell them to come in for both.

89. Hire a Celebrity Host

Every town has a local legend, someone that everybody knows.

So why not bring them in to promote you?

You could even make it a fundraiser for a local charitable cause to increase your chances of some positive media coverage, both offline and online.

90. Make It Easy to Make a Reservation

Every one of your customers has the entire catalog of human knowledge right on their mobile phone.

So why on earth can’t they book online with you?

It makes the reservation experience easy, convenient, and quick, so it should be a necessity in 2019.

pizza marketing

91. Give Them Some Pop with Their Pizza

Live music is awesome.

If you get a live band in once a week or so, you’ll attract people looking for an added incentive to dine out, as well as pick up fans of the band.

And as a bonus, you’re supporting your local artists.

The trends in the food world can be fickle and fast-changing.

At the moment though, I can tell you for example, that low carb and plant-based meats will be very popular this year.

Bury your head in some food blogs and see if you can become the most contemporary pizza joint into town.

93. Don’t Be Too Slick

Look, there are enough minimalist, bland, corporate pizza joints out there, so don’t you be one too.

Create a unique environment that embraces everything about you and your community to create a strong following.

94. Bad Reviews Can Get Better Customers

So someone complains online that your ‘Spicy Jalapeno Death Pizza’ is too hot.

The horror!

Well no, this can be a good thing.

This is a great opportunity to leverage this into online promotion. Perhaps your pizza was so hot that Mavis from Mississippi gave it 6 stars for spiciness!

95. Give Exclusive Deals

You might have a dedicated following of cyclists on a Sunday, or retirees on a Thursday night after bingo.

Why not offer them an exclusive deal just for them? It will absolutely make them feel special, and as a result will make them very loyal to you.

pizza promotions

96. Sort out Your Signage

If your restaurant signage looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in 3 years, well maybe customers will wonder about the state of your kitchen.

If it’s outdated, well maybe your menu is too.

Talk to your local sign writer to see how they could liven up the joint.

97. Advertise on Instagram

#Pizza has been posted to Instagram 39 million times.

39 million.

Find an Instagram marketing guide on Google to see how you can get a slice of that action with paid Instagram posts.

Screenshot of pizza hashtag on Instagram

98. Have Your Operations Match Your Marketing

One of my greatest pleasures in marketing restaurants is to see the owners and staff embrace the marketing strategy we’ve created for them.

This means if you promise a certain experience in your advertising or marketing, make sure they get that every single time.

Oh, and if you put on a great deal, put on extra staff!

99. Your Best Customers Are VIPs

So you should treat them that way!

Quietly give your best customers a VIP card that offers let’s say unlimited drink refills or up-sizes on their orders.

Make them feel like they’re part of an elite pizza club, and I tell you, they’ll bring in their friends to show how much of a big deal they are!

100. One Message, Many Mediums

If you’re marketing across different channels, let’s say radio, newspaper and Instagram, make sure everything matches.

Use the same fonts in your Instagram as you do in your newspaper ads.

Use the same voice-over in your Instagram videos as you do in your radio.

By making it all link up like that, you’ll create extremely professional, multi-channel pizza marketing.


100 pizza marketing ideas, and all of them have worked before, and will work again.

The question is, how many do you think you could implement in the next week?

The next month?

The next year?

Oh, and by the way, I know some of these ideas will put you out of your comfort zone.

But I promise, be a little uncomfortable and it’ll be worth it when you see how full your restaurant becomes on a daily basis.

You’ll see results, and the revenue mozzarella ball will only get bigger and bigger once you implement more and more of these pizza marketing ideas.

Want to save this list for easy reference?

We created a simple PDF that you can refer to again and again. 

What are you waiting for?

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