97 Best Sushi Captions for Instagram

July 31, 2019
97 Best Sushi Captions for Instagram

I’ve got great news if you’re one of the 18,651 sushi restaurants in the United States. 

Our sushi obsession isn’t going anywhere.

The market is expected to grow another 5% over the next few years, partially due to increased marketing. 

With its bright, fresh colors, sushi is uber-Instagrammable. But like many restauranteurs, you may be having a hard time coming up with captions for your pretty pictures.

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Luckily, sushi has a lot of fun words that can be used for punny captions. 

So here’s a list of the 97 best sushi captions for Instagram. Copy one of these right into your feed, or use them to spark your own sushi-inspiration. 

Sushi Captions

  • wake up little sushi
  • shrimply the best
  • let the good times roll
  • we dance to a different tuna
  • this is how we rollTable with homemade sushi rolls and cocktails
  • a balanced diet is a sushi roll in each hand
  • rice to meet you
  • sushi and wasabi — better together
  • miso hungry
  • looking for love in eel the right places
  • who needs gender rolls when we have sushi rolls
  • roe, roe, roe your sushi boat
  • i’m soy into you

sushi promotions

  • make every day sushi day
  • chopsticks just slow me down
  • fish and rice are soy nice
  • sushi is my favorite art form
  • neither snow nori rain stays these hands from sushi
  • sushi — the best food in the tunaverse
  • we’re jammin’ with salmon
  • i wish for fish
  • let’s get sushi, just for the halibut
  • sushiholic

sushi captions for instagram

  • rock & roll
  • stuffed to the gills
  • long-time no sea
  • does it look like we’re fishing for compliments?
  • everything’s darkest before the prawn
  • we don’t skimp on shrimp
  • there is an I in “sushi”, so get your own
  • she knew she needed sushi
  • paradise in each grain of rice
  • you had me at sushi

advertise your sushi restaurant

  • love and sushi are a lot alike. you can never have too much of either
  • life happens, sushi helps
  • soy happy together
  • sushi, because it’s cheaper than therapy
  • rollin’ with my homies
  • more sushi, please
  • uni for all, and all for uni
  • oh say can sushi
  • life’s too short to eat bad sushi
  • there’s always room for more sushi
  • sushi makes miso happy

Wood boxes with a variety of sushi rolls

  • keep your friends close and your sushi closer
  • it’s never too early for sushi
  • there’s no such thing as too much sushi
  • come on in, the sushi is fine
  • sushi lover
  • i followed my heart and it led me to sushi
  • a party without sushi is just a meeting
  • sushimania
  • no such thing as too much tuna
  • so much sushi, so little time
  • dream big, eat sushi
  • it’s sushi o’clocksushi promotions
  • never far from the sushi bar
  • why be grouchy when there’s hamachi
  • whatever the question, the answer is sushi
  • sushi you later
  • bravocado
  • sushi weather
  • sushi doesn’t ask silly questions
  • everything is better with friends and nigiris

sushi captions for instagram

  • never enough nigiri
  • don’t take my tako
  • let’s go sailing on the sushi boat
  • tuna for two
  • holy mackerel
  • don’t miso sushi night
  • we’re all over this sushi like white on rice
  • i like big rolls and I cannot lie
  • sushi-addicts welcome
  • sashimi saturdayadvertising sushi on instagram
  • catch of the day
  • from sea to sushi
  • sushi is our favorite food group
  • feast your eyes on this sushi
  • it’s not a date without sushi
  • would you like rice with that
  • we wish for fish in every dish
  • staying sassy with sushi
  • sushi rainbow

sushi rainbow roll

  • it’s sushi time and I’m feeling fine
  • sake it to me
  • our sushi is crabtivating
  • fatty tuna in your tummy
  • holy roller
  • sharp knife, happy life
  • sushi goals
  • i’ve got an urgin’ for urchin
  • pass the sushi
  • this bento box rocks
  • just roll with itInstagram image of sushi rolls
  • we bleed soy sauce
  • let’s get avo-control
  • no more mr. rice guy


It takes years to become an expert sushi-chef, but you don’t need to spend years coming up with Instagram content, too. 

With such an attractive product, your social media work is easy. Photos of brightly colored fish and veggies will attract plenty of followers.

A clever caption and a few sushi-centric hashtags will increase engagement and help get more eyes on your content.

And don’t neglect video! Your followers will love to see your chefs trimming fish and making perfect rolls.


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