97 Best Pizza Captions for Instagram

July 31, 2019
97 Best Pizza Captions for Instagram

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, and for good reason! It’s affordable, delicious, and there’s an option for everyone.

And it’s not just popular in pizza parlors. It’s popular in Instagram too!

Did you know that #pizza has been used on over 40 million posts? For some perspective, #sushi has under 25 million, #burger has less than 15 million, and #tacos has under 8 million. 

Pizza is clearly one of the most beloved foods on Instagram. It photographs well and there it can be made in infinite varieties.

But don’t just depend on those beauty shots or slow-mo cheese pulls to get attention to your Instagram posts. You need a snappy caption to go with that gooey goodness. 

I know it can get tedious, trying to think of something clever to say on every single post. So here is a list of 97 pizza captions for Instagram, all about the perfect pie!

Pizza Captions

  • never sit around and wait for someone unless they’re delivering a pizza
  • every meal would be better if it were pizza
  • work hard, be nice, eat pizza
  • surround yourself with pizza, not negativity
  • slice, slice, baby

pizza promotions

  • whatever the question, pizza is the answer
  • but first, pizza
  • don’t listen to people who tell you you can’t eat a whole pizza, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life
  • home is where the pizza is
  • you’ve stolen a pizz-a my heart
  • every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself
  • pizza — quite possibly the only perfect food
  • a pizza’s worth a thousand words
  • money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy pizza and that’s almost the same thing
  • that’s amore

Instagram image of a cheese pizza

  • i’m into fitness — fitness whole pizza in my mouth
  • round or square, thick or thin, every pizza is beautiful
  • all I need are wifi and pizza
  • keep your friends close, and your pizza closer
  • pizza is a way of life
  • viva la pizza
  • is an all pizza diet healthy? Asking for a friend
  • ain’t no party like a pizza party
  • being thin would be nice, but have you ever tasted pizza
  • say no to drugs, say yes to pizza
  • pizza goals
  • in crust we trust
  • everything I am, I owe to pizza
  • say “cheese”
    pizza on Instagram
  • it’s pizza o’clock
  • a little slice of heaven
  • i wanna be where the pizzas are
  • my love language is pizza
  • life happens, pizza helps
  • if pizza can’t fix it, it’s a serious problem
  • on the eighth day, God created pizza
  • save the planet, there’s pizza here
  • the best pizzas are the ones we eat with friends
  • the answer to “What time is it?” is always “Pizza time”
  • all I need is sunshine, dogs, and pizza

pizza captions for Instagram

  • you wanna pizza me?
  • any time is a good time for pizza
  • always be yourself, unless you can be a pizza
  • pizza never goes out of style
  • worry less and eat more pizza
  • if at first you don’t succeed, order pizza
  • life is not about finding yourself, it’s about finding pizza
  • pizza lover
  • seven days without pizza makes one weak
  • cheese are a few of my favorite things

marketing for pizza

  • having a bad day? here, have a pizza
  • pizza is self-care
  • there are three food groups — crust, cheese, and sauce
  • gettin’ cheesy
  • if you try hard enough, anything can go on a pizza
  • praise be to pizza
  • slice to meet you
  • pizza is perfect, no matter which way you slice it
  • everything is better with pizza

pizza captions for Instagram

  • i pepper-only have eyes for you
  • you’re my mozzarella fella
  • easy breezy cheesy
  • no one is perfect, except pizza
  • in pizza we crust
  • i followed my heart and it led me to pizza
  • pizza cures whatever ails you
  • pizza is life

Pizza is Life Caption on Instagram

  • i love you to pizzas
  • make pizza, not war
  • you had me at pizza
  • going shopping for some toppings
  • extra cheese, please
  • i never sausage a beautiful pizza
  • people who don’t like pizza are weirdoughs
  • the slice is right
  • a little slice of paradise
  • have your pizza and eat it too
  • let’s get sauced
  • secret’s in the sauce
  • problems come and go, but pizza is forever

promotion ideas for pizzerias

  • oregano? orega-yes
  • all day I dream about pizza
  • pizza wishes and breadstick dreams
  • be nice, share a slice
  • pizza perfection
  • pizza makes the world go ‘round
  • i worship at the altar of pizza
  • there’s food…and then there’s pizza
  • winner winner pizza dinner
  • love is in the air…it smells like pizza

promoting take-and-bake pizzas


Next time you can’t think of what caption to write on your pizza post, just take a look at this list and see what stands out. You can use one of these captions, or tweak them to make them your own.

Make sure to include hashtags like #pizza, #pizzalife, and #yourtownpizza to increase engagement and get more eyes on your content! And put your hashtags in the first comment of your post, so you don’t clutter up your caption.

What else are you going to do to compete with all the great pizza content out there?

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