Free Online Ordering For Restaurants with Built-In Marketing

"In our first 7 days, we drove $12,127 in direct sales using the platform – saving us over $2000 in third party fees"

Rahul Bhatia (Owner)

"We increased sales by over $1,500 in our first day and saved $500 in third party fees."

Jordan Klempner (Owner)

"Any restaurant that needs to succeed needs Profitboss"

Jalal Dib (Owner)

"All in one solution that works. Saving us thousands each week. The future of restaurant marketing"

Steven Salm (Owner)

"Unbelievable talent and focus on results"

Ber Oberfeld (Owner)

"The best technology our restaurant has ever used"

Van Hanh (Owner)

"I love the product so much that I offered to invest. In my first 5 days"

Sam Mathivanan (Owner)

"Profitboss has been very reliable and responsive. And our customers tell us the website is very easy"

Cindy Lin (Manager, Donahoo's)

"I really recommend Profitboss, they really helped me and now I don't have to share my profit with the big companies."

David Song U Cho (Owner)

"Profitboss made it very easy for the customer and very easy for the restaurant and now 25% of my total revenue comes from online."

Jim Duignan (Owner)

"In less than 2 months we've accumulated over $20,000 in sales and saved about $5,000 in 3rd party fees. It's a no brainer."

Jim Angelopoulos (Owner)

"Within 2 weeks we were able to make $4000 in online sales and also save $1000 in 3rd party fees."

Venkat (Owner)

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The Third Party Survival Kit

It’s time to take back control of your business from the greedy third parties. The ones taking your profit and stealing your data. Fight back like your survival depends on it. Because it does.


Easy For All

The easiest, fastest, and most convenient system to get back your customers from third party. Save labor cost on the phone by offering convenience customers of all ages love.


Email Marketing

Automatic emails sent at the perfect time. Proven to turn new customers into regulars. Stay top of mind to train customers to order directly from you.


Upsell Mastery

Relevant upsells made like your favorite server to drive up appetizer, beverage, and dessert sales. Sell more high margin, low food cost items that boost profit.


Setup for you

We’ll build your menu out in hours to make it feel magical. And we’ll give you access to an easy system that you can change any time. Or we can do it for you. Saving you time at every step.


Built In Loyalty

Let customers put a ring on it, marrying them to your beautiful system. So that they stay loyal to you (no third parties on the side). Higher ticket size, higher frequency.


Review Magnet (Karen Proof)

Make sure your happy customers post a review. But keep the crazy Karen’s from causing a scene online. Save your reputation by handling complaints privately.


Delivery Without The BS

Offer direct delivery through our partnerships. Without paying ridiculous fees or losing customer data. Handled on time by a respectful delivery pro, not the dude smoking weed with his dog in the car.


Works With Every PoS

Easy to use with your system. Automatic ticket printing. No hassle. Just 24/7 reliability. Paying out sales to you in just 2 business days. Boom.


Free for you. Fatten up that profit margin. The customer ordering just pays 5% per order. They don’t mind! It’s less than they pay third party. We only make money when we make you a lot.



If you don’t like the system for any reason within 30 days, we’ll send you $500 for failing to amaze. No questions asked. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Learn if this system can save you money, increase sales, and help you take back control.



Help the hard working bosses who make America great live their American dream, serve their communities, and improve our world as a result.


Our Story

Adam Guild started Profitboss at 18 inspired by an experience he had in helping his mom’s business. He partnered up with Dean Bloembergen, the best technology genius he knew (who had years of experience in building restaurant technology), to help other local business owners succeed.

Guild is a top expert on restaurant marketing, has helped thousands of restaurants succeed, writes on the topic for 14 different publications like Forbes and MRM Magazine, and previously built projects to over 10,000,000 users. He is on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List.

Profitboss is backed by top investors including Redpoint Ventures, Marcus Lemonis, and The Chainsmokers.

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