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Marcus Lemonis
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“In the last year I’ve done more than $800,000 in revenue, and saved more than $150,000 in fees.”

Rahul Bahtia

Since we started using a couple months ago we’ve seen an increase in sales and also we’ve sold about $40,000 on the platform and saved over $8,000 in fees

Mo and Omar

Since using we’ve done over $145,000 in revenue and on top of that we’ve saved over $29,000 in fees

Jim Duignan
About the product

On your demo, we’ll walk you through real restaurants using the product and the results they’ve seen so far. With their permission, we’ll share real numbers and give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most successful independent restaurants.

Here’s a brief written overview so you can start figuring out what’s most important to see on our call:

The restaurant funnel is your restaurant’s secret weapon to take back control of your profits and customer data from third party corporations. It stops them from stealing your customers and destroying your profits by getting your customers to order directly from you on your own website.

It’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Everything your restaurant needs in one single place – the best restaurant marketing tools, tactics and strategies in one easy to use, all-in-one solution.

It converts at over 3 times the rate of your average restaurant website which means 3 times as many online orders for you!

With instant offers and incentives to join your list, we very quickly build you a huge database that YOU own.

And then we market to your list for you on autopilot! Automated emails with proven offers every week help you drive sales while our text message offers, discussing your specials, help keep you top of mind and drive more sales as your database grows.

PLUS with our integrated online ordering software, you gain access to a HUGE suite of restaurant marketing tools to help your restaurant be successful. All set up and done for you, without needing to learn anything technical like marketing or programming.

You get online ordering, delivery driver network, advanced SEO, guest loyalty system, smart upselling, review management, and much more – all included!

PLUS, no contracts or hidden fees and results are guaranteed!

If you’re tired of third party aggregators holding YOUR customers hostage and charging you 30% every time they order from you…

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