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We’re on a mission to save local business.

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Local businesses are in trouble. They’re losing control of their businesses to third party companies like Yelp and GrubHub while competitive corporations like Burger King spend billions of dollars to crush them.

Owner.com is on a mission to give local business owners the tools they need to survive in an increasingly difficult world, starting with powering online ordering and marketing automation for independent restaurants.

Our mission is to give local business owners access to the tools that corporations have been using as weapons against them so that they can take back control of their businesses and maximize the profitability of their operations


Adam Guild

Co-founder & CEO

Adam is the cofounder & CEO of Owner.com He is an expert on restaurant marketing, writing on that topic for 14 publications and creating the most viewed restaurant marketing blog on the Internet which is read by hundreds of thousands of restaurant professionals monthly.

Previously, he built projects in gaming reaching over 10,000,000 users. He dropped out of high school at 16 years old to scale his first successful project and supplemented his education by reading hundreds of books and taking online courses from Harvard Business School.

He is a Thiel Fellow and Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.

Dean Bloembergen

Cofounder & CTO

Dean is the cofounder of & CTO of Owner.com, where he leads product and technology.

Previously, Dean was CTO of restaurant kiosk company Marble (YC S19) where he spent years learning the restaurant industry. He has years of experience building ordering technology for the full spectrum of restaurants from massive corporations to independents.

He studied Computer Science at Brown where he also played D1 soccer before dropping out to start his first startup. He has been mentored by some of the top technical leaders in the industry including leaders at DoorDash, Fivestars and Duo Security.

Strategic Investors

Alex Bard

Managing Director, Redpoint Ventures

Dylan Field

Founder, Figma

George Bousis

Founder, Raise.com

Alex Pall + Drew Taggart

The Chainsmokers

John Andrew Entwistle

Founder, Coder.com

Joshua Browder

Founder, DoNotPay

Kimbal Musk

Restaurateur + Tech Entrepreneur

Marcus Lemonis

Star, CNBC’s The Profit

Sean Rad

Founder, Tinder


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