97 Best Burrito Captions for Instagram

July 31, 2019
97 Best Burrito Captions for Instagram

While they haven’t hit “taco” levels of popularity, burritos are still a much-beloved food. They are customizable and convenient, with options for carnivores, pescatarians, and vegetarians alike. 

But while they’re easy to make, they can be tough to promote. If you’re frustrated with trying to come up with clever captions for your photos on social media, I’m here to help! 

There aren’t many burrito phrases in the popular lexicon. And it’s not like a lot of words rhyme with “burrito”.

But I’ve put together a helpful list of the 97 best burrito captions for Instagram. Pull one from this lineup next time you feel stuck. 

Burrito Captions

  • love you from my head to my burri-toes
  • there is no problem a burrito can’t solve
  • hey guac, let’s take a little walk
  • burritos are what happens when your food hugs itself
  • don’t be scared, it’s just a boo-rito 
  • burritos as big as your head
  • brrr-itos
  • a burrito is a sleeping bag for ground beef
  • life is better with burritos
  • baeritto

burrito marketing

  • burritos — business on the outside, party on the inside
  • if eating burritos is a sport, i’m a world-class athlete
  • burritos, not burpees 
  • a good burrito is a religious experience
  • the burrito is food’s final form
  • the only bad burrito is the one you didn’t eat
  • juan does not simply…not eat a burrito
  • a burrito a day keeps the sads away
  • the bigger the better with burritos
  • life, liberty, and the pursuit of queso

burrito with tiny American flag

  • i’m just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a burrito
  • burrito beautiful
  • best-o burrito
  • powered by burritos
  • everything is better in burrito form
  • a balanced diet is a burrito in each hand
  • whatever the question, burritos are always the answer
  • live every day like it’s burrito day
  • a burrito bowl is basically a salad
  • who needs birthday cake when there are birthday burritos?

burrito with a birthday candle sticking out

  • the messiest burritos are the best burritos
  • i’m between a guac and a hard place
  • let’s not burrito ‘round the bush
  • our burritos are mex-cellent
  • i hate burritos, said no Juan ever
  • instead of gold, i hope there’s a pot of burritos at the end of the rainbow
  • byob — bring your own burrito
  • rice to meat you
  • where you bean all my life?
  • get extra guac. you’ve earned it

burrito captions for instagram

  • 7 days without a burrito makes one weak
  • soup of the day — burritos
  • either you love burritos, or you’re wrong
  • burritos — funny name, serious food
  • beans and rice make burritos nice
  • we build a better burrito
  • burritos are the best queso scenario
  • burrito bomb.com
  • burritos are life
  • burrito baby

promoting burritos on social media

  • eat burritos like no one is watching
  • our burritos pair well with tequila and poor decision making
  • a burrito’s beauty is more than skin-deep
  • rice and beans — a match made in heaven
  • chimichangas are burritos’ final form
  • eat more burritos
  • i have RBF — resting burrito face
  • they see me rollin…
  • put a burrito in your belly

burrito posts for instagram

  • you’re my best BROritto
  • love is when they know your burrito order by heart
  • in a relationship with this burrito
  • seat warmer? more like burrito warmer
  • forks are just for when burrito fillings fall out
  • can you be addicted to guac? asking for a friend
  • burritos are my love language
  • love at first bite
  • burrito leftovers are for quitters
  • this is how we roll
  • life is burritoful

burrito captions for instagram

  • burrito love
  • wrap your day up right
  • no meat-oh in this burrito
  • bean here, done that
  • beans and rice and everything nice
  • sour cream dream
  • burritos are our business
  • usually when you roll something this good, it’s illegal
  • just a boy and his burrito
  • livin’ la vida burrito

paper boat holding a burrito, beans, and rice

  • i hope there are burritos in heaven
  • bigger isn’t always better, unless we’re talking about burritos
  • friends don’t let friends eat boring burritos
  • i used to think the perfect food didn’t exist. then i had a burrito…
  • hot sauce is just grown up ketchup
  • black beans or pinto beans? yes
  • every now and then i fall apart

a burrito that has fallen apart on a plate

  • work hard, be nice, eat burritos
  • burrito vibes
  • we’ve created a monster (burrito)
  • don’t be hangry. eat a burrito
  • take a guac on the wild side
  • extra cheese please
  • it’s burrito o’clock
  • Mex-i-can have a burrito
  • burying myself in this burrito
  • neato burrito

burrito captions


Burritos are fun because they’re so oversized. So get clever with size in your captions.

You can compare burritos to hands, heads, purses, and even babies. The sillier the comparison, the better.

And when you’re taking pictures, make sure to show the inside of those tasty burritos! 

Most burritos look pretty similar from the outside. So cut them in half and focus on those perfectly layered fillings. 

And always take your pictures in bright natural light.

For hashtags, mix in general #burrito and #burritos tags with more specific ones like #burritobowls and #burritolove. And don’t forget to tag your restaurant’s location!

For more inspiration, check out other burrito restaurants that are doing a great job on social media, like Chipotle and Qdoba. Soon, they’ll be looking at your feed for ideas!

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